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Oripets is a Virtual Pet Site created in the vein of traditional pet sites but brought to a modern audience. Explore the world of oripets, collect, trade, create, and engage in the community. Oripets is completely free to play!


Play games and earn OriPoints while you do. We have a variety of games to pick from with more to come!

Animal Crush

Match the line


Block game

Fruit Match

Bejeweled blitz ninja fruit game

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Oripets are a big part of Oripea. Explore the world with your oripet!




Create your own


Items can be used for a variety of purposes. Feed your pet, give them their own pet, buy them toys, groom them and more!

Purple Churrito

Yellow Chocolate Cookie Apple

Green Candied Cookie Apple

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Double Cone

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Latest News

Track the latest developments on oripets.

Forage Frenzy

Forage at the farm using your skills against different obstacles!

April 27th, 2024
Flower Meadows Update

The Flower Meadows area has it's art added in along with a new area, Forage Frenzy!

April 27th, 2024
Petpet Updates

Lots of petpets have colors added in for them and some added in that were already colored just not added to the game yet. The Flobin above is one of them.

April, 2024